NNS is official representative of TIANHE OIL TOOLS. Tianhe Downhole motor designed on the most advanced international design technology. Tianhe downhole motor is designed for durability and longer service life for different use conditions, with the most stringent specific tolerances for design and manufacturing standards. TIANHE has a Closely cooperating with domestic, surgical research institutes, universities and oilfield drilling companies, and through careful research and development of R & D center in Canada, the design of technical parameters and structure can meet the most demanding oil drilling needs.



A drilling jar is a downhole tool that delivers an axial impact load to the stuck point of a drill string. Jars are often the first line of defense against stuck pipe and can save operators from costly fishing and remedial operations by quickly "jarring" the string free. NNS as official representative of TIANHE , offers a wide range of high temperature single and double acting jars with excellent reliability and wide adaptability.


The principal parts of the draw works are the drum, the drum brakes, transmission, and cathead. Draw works spare parts are most popular in all drilling companies, Draw works is the primary hoisting machinery that is a component of a rotary drilling rig. Our services with our customer service will bring you a sophisticated, professional business process that is able to address all business process requirements.


NNS supplies a wide range of traveling block and spare parts from well-reputed manufacturers, A traveling block is a set of pulleys which forms part of a system in the derrick for lowering and lifting heavy things into or out of the wellbore. We also offer Multiple Sheave Unites, Customer Engineered Designs to meet each customer’s specific requirements from standard to highly tailor-made solutions.


Wireline Equipment consists of braided cables that are used for pipe recovery, evaluation purposes, well intervention and maintenance. The cabling system is used by operators to lower down wireline equipment and tools, or any other measuring devices into a wellbore. It also contains electrical cables which are used to check the condition of the wellbore. These equipment are extensively used in oil and gas industries.
NNS offers Modern Wireline types of equipment which can withstand a harsh environment since in the gas wells the pressure can exceed 30,000 psi and in a geothermal well the temperature can be as high as 500 degrees Fahrenheit. NNS offers from Zapp, Camesa and other world class brands.

& Spare Parts

Large or small, drilling and exploration operations are complex systems powered by industrial engines and generators. Well servicing engines are the powerhouses of any drilling operation. Engines are needed to operate all parts of the exploration and production processes. Significant power is required to operate heavy drilling equipment and engines. As the main power source for drilling rigs, generators are an essential component of the oil and gas industry. Drilling locations are remote, requiring a reliable power supply for production.
NNS supply wide range of diesel engines and generator sets for drilling application; including main sets and spare parts.


Completion equipment is that equipment which is used to bring an oil well to the completion state so that first test production and later on commercial production can be started from it. The completion tools are handy during good completion and help in making an oil and gas well safely and effectively producing hydrocarbons. NNS offers a comprehensive completion tool line, from an Open hole and Cemented Multi-Stage Stimulation systems to Composite Plugs. Tools used are Wellhead, Tubing hanger, Production tubing, Downhole safety valve (DHSV), Annular safety valve, Electrical submersible pump, Landing nipple, Sliding sleeve, Centraliser, Side pocket mandrel.


Oil Tools are pieces of oilfield equipment that are used during well drilling, completion, and intervention or well workover activities and help the oil well in optimizing the production levels and maintain a continuous flow from a reservoir.
Downhole tools help in minimizing the cost involved in performing oil recovery-related activities from an oil well and helps in improving the life of an oil well and thus, improving the continuous flow of fluid. These tools perform various operations such as fishing of any leftover equipment/tool in the borehole, repairing & performing any cementing and well casing operations, well measurement, creating fracs in the reservoir bed, etc.


The Power Swivels are hydraulic motor driven, pipe rotating machines. Their drilling application includes oil and gas wells, water wells, piling drilling for offshore platforms, piers, and foundation drilling for construction.
We offer a wide range of high-performance Power Swivels systems that deliver both safety and reliability, providing you with the best selection of models to fit your specific drilling needs.


The drilling rotary hose is suitable for flexible connection between the top of the drilling riser and the swivel which can move vertically. It resists corrosion of hydrogen sulfide and can deliver water, oil, mud high‐pressure media.
NNS is official representative company of JINGBO in Iraq, Turkey and Azerbaijan market and achieved to order more than 1000 hoses to drilling companies.